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Insurance Professionals Are NOT All The Same!

Ask your average main street insurance agent about “Latent Construction Defect Exposure?”Ask about the exposures a contractor faces with “Prior Work Performed”, “Sunset Clauses” and “Extended Reporting Period” endorsements and/or exclusions and why it is vital that he/she understands, and can explain why, an “Occurrence” can be continuous over many years.

Unfortunately, many contractors believe their “average main street insurance agent” can do a perfect job advising and protecting them with appropriate insurance coverage’s.

It simply NOT true! Worse yet, it’s a good bet at some point it WILL come back and seriously harm the contractor from a coverage aspect and/or financially.

Fact: The diversity of “Contractor Coverage Forms” in today’s contractor insurance

marketplace is complex and MUST be taken seriously and monitored constantly.

Insuring contractors is a serious business and should be left to those with proven expertise and experience.

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Ask about the exposures a contractor faces with “Prior Work Performed”“Sunset Clauses” and “Extended Reporting Period” endorsements and/or exclusions.
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